Adrienne gulped down another glass of beer as he thought about Lila. She had taken over his head after his last visit to the fire club last week. He had gone to hang out with his friend Steve, who he'd opened up to about his recent interest to explore new sexuality. He recalled being convinced to go to the club, he had made it very clear to Steve he would not be participating, he just wanted to be the audience.

Then he had met her, Steve introduced her as Lila. She wore a leather choker which was dazzled with sharp metals, thigh high black stockings and red heel sandals. Her breasts dangled freely with only a suspender attached to her black G-string leather pants running over her nipples.
Adrienne watched as Steve undressed and lay on the flat bed on the floor, where he was to be massaged to ecstasy. Lila's hips swayed as she walked to sit on the chair in front of him. Steve smiled by the sight of her legs in front of him. He kissed her shoes then slowly moved to her thighs and started dragging the stockings down with his teeth. When he was done he unbuckled her sandals and pulled the stockings out to reveal her feet.


Lila lifted one leg to his mouth and watched his kiss and lick it ecstatically, moaning and squirming on the bed. He sucked her toes one after the other, making sure to satisfy his hunger for one toe before he moved to the other. When he was done, Lila walked over to his legs and started to massage them.
Steve's hands ran through his hair as he satiated the moment. Lila tickled his feet gently nibbled at his toes with her teeth. He was pleased with her teases, she always satisfied him. She sucked and licked his toes while moaning pleasurably to Steve's excitement. She stepped on the bed and started rubbing her feet all over his body.
Adrienne's cock was getting harder by the second, watching Lila perform all those skills on Steve's body was beginning to take a toll on his.
Lila started to massage Steve's thighs with her legs. She worked up to his groin area and focused on his cock which was still down. Adrienne wondered how the man could control his urges while in front of a naked hot woman.

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Slowly his cock rose inside his underwear and became very erect. Lila pulled off his very flowered underwear while smirking to reveal his huge cock. To Adrienne the size was very impressive since he always felt the man was built small down there. His began noticing the details of Lila's feet, the slim built and long toes. Her nails were filled and shone with red nail polish. They were perfect and he wanted to have them, to participate maybe.
Lila's sat started working on Steve's cock, pressing his balls gently and tickling them with her toes. The man was growing as her feet began to stroke him in an up and down motion, slowly causing bolts to shoot through his body.

His warm cum spilled over her feet and his body as he ejaculated. The hunger was gone now for him, but Adrienne's body was growling to get fed too.
As they walked out of the club, Steve asked his friend how he felt about exploring now. Adrienne simply commended the session, making a mental note to himself to visit some day.
If he was told that day would be the next day, he'd have sworn with his life that it was a lie. So here he was, about to explore.

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