A night with the bridesmaids and the bride. The bridesmaids and I plan a surprised bridal shower for the bride, so we started to make preparations for the event.

We had many surprises for that special event for the bride, as the days drew closer, I and bridesmaids were getting ready for shopping for this event our plan was to buy fetish decorations and outfits for us girls along with reserving the hotel room.

We had to take time off from work to decorate the room we had about 12 hours of reservation timings for the room. After finished decorating the room we decided to make an excuse for the bride to come out of the house, after convincing her to get out of the house we surprise her with a limousine for a drive.

Her face was lit up and was surprised a smile was automatically across her face with joy and excitement words could not come out of her mouth. After the limo drive we took her downstairs to the hotel bar to have a few drinks before we took her upstairs as we entered the elevator we blind fold her eyes and took her hands and lead her to the room.

Then we changed into our fetish costumes some of us dress with lingerie and black netted stockings and high heel shoes, while some wore sexy maid costumes, and some dresses in bra and apron with thongs black stockings with high heel and a whip.

We then untied the bride’s eyes and brought out a big cake and to her surprise handsome young man with a very sexy body jumped out of the cake he was a male stripper and he started to strip he just left with his thong on you can guess what took place with l and lots of screams and laughs.

Excitement with the ladies was very wild that night. The bride could not believe her eyes with what she saw coming out of the cake she nearly faint away when the stripper came and kissed her and put a crown on her head and sash her, shortly after that the fun begun the music was very entertaining and provocative later on in the evening we played some provocative game with the bride.

We peeled a banana and put in ice cold water and we also peeled an orange and we took the blind fold and put in back on the bride eyes so we told her that she has to pick the banana and put it in the orange. While she was trying to fit the banana into the orange it keep sliding out her hands because it was slimy eventually she got it into the orange and it got smash and we put whip cream on it and told her to eat it, the ladies was so hot with excitement and noise was in full swing we had to turned on the ac to cool us down with the pressure keeps rising up and up and the stripper keeps rising and rising until he spills over.

The ladies were wild when they saw what happen to the stripper with already high with alcohol in their system they were all wet. We took videos and lots of pictures for the night. So the bride decided to play the game on her bridesmaids the bride got so excited that she started to scream with excitement to see their faces expressions and the rise up and up again went the stripper and he spilled out again.

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