- I got divorced, six months there was a break in sex, have only recently started dating a girl. And faced with a problem: after his wife was afraid of women.

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- What is your wife so scared?

- It's not that scared. Reproach that I am weak in bed. She wanted two or three times a night, and we have this rarely happened.

- She received a discharge?

- Yes, after the birth she has an orgasm, and for two years we had a harmonious sex. But then that became my reproach. And I started to falter. In general, she lost interest, fell out of love ...

- But why? Her husband does not walk, does not drink.

- So I'm sorry now that does not walk! We've got almost a year there was no sex. Then the relationship resumed. It is generally a man of moods. And I - noodles. By the way, in which she reproached me. In general, the renewed relationship for a while, then stopped again. Divorced in the end.

- Noodles - what does it mean?

- Well, she did not like that I was too obedient, docile.

- So it was necessary Knock it once or twice!

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- I understand, you're joking, but we have been more difficult. She contradicted herself. Said I was physically weak in bed, and then - all from the head. Put me a diagnosis, if she is a doctor. I was angry.

- Obviously, she was referring to his own head. Out of her head could start an internal irritation, frustration, mood swings. There are people with mental cycloid: six months on the rise, six months in the depression. She apparently belongs to this category. So you have to try to discover flaws that are not there.

- But his wife - to the past. I am now more concerned about the new girl. Our age difference: I - 38, she was - 22. I was afraid I did not get anything with it. But she said it is important for her gentle attitude, affection, and the sexual act itself in second place. I is great ease.

- You have a wonderful, sensitive partner! And much wiser than your ex-wife, despite his youth.

- First, I caressed her, and everything went well. And after 10 minutes I was able to repeat.

- Twice in a row after the break? A good result.

- Yes, but then there was a second and third meeting - only once, no longer could. Maybe you tell a stimulant?

- Try Cialis, it promotes good re enactments. But I would not advise you to try to repetition. The more so because your partner is not required. Repeated acts - your former spouse suggestion, which was pressing on you psychologically. And almost brought to the ED.

- Incidentally, I passed the exam. Analysis of hormones passed.

- And what rate?

- Testosterone - 27.5. The doctor said - okay.

- He's right. You are absolutely healthy.

- I have only one question: so I became a man, I need attention. The wife of the avoided and current girlfriend - no.


- And rightly so! I repeat, you have found a wonderful girlfriend. Take care of it, enjoy your life and do not doubt yourself. With his wife parted ways - and thank God, no one else in no reproaches. From sexual health you have everything perfectly. Additionally nervous trembling, which imposed a former spouse. You too succumbed to her influence, so to speak, prostrated themselves before the woman is very questionable as a partner. Vain accusations stuck in your head, creating a lack of confidence. We must get rid of the uncertainty.

- And nothing I want more stimulation?

- Do not think about it! This is completely normal, especially at age 38. Foreplay has not been canceled, except, perhaps, your former spouse. Think of them not as a treatment as well as pleasure. After some time, the uncertainty will pass and everything will appear. And until morochte head myself or my new wonderful girl. Be thankful that you have it, extend the wings - and fly! And remember, you are all well.

- Thank you,

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