40+ Bondage Positions

Originally posted as “The Restrained Elegance Lexicon of Slavegirl Positions” Reposted from Restrained Elegance with exclusive permissions. Read Part One: 90+ Freestanding Slave Positions The human body is capable of adopting an almost infinite variety of poses and positions. Some of these poses are awkward, ugly or ungainly- these are inappropriate for a

Pin-up queens! The REAL women behind saucy 1950s ‘cheesecake’ paintings

Pin Up

THE model photographs that inspired artist Gil Elvgren to paint his famous Fifties pin-up pictures of women with hourglass figures, innocent expressions and clothing in artful disarray... By Luisa Metcalfe American artist Gil Elvgren was famous for his saucy pin-up paintings[GIL ELVGREN] They're cartoony, suggestive and they defined an era of pin-up art. Artist

End Of An Era: Kink.com To Stop Filming In Its Famous Porn Dungeon

End Of An Era: Kink.com To Stop Filming In Its Famous Porn Dungeon

The BDSM porn company will soon cease shooting in its famed San Francisco headquarters The San Francisco Armory, a Moorish style brick castle in the heart of the Mission District, has for a decade loomed large as the city’s so-called “porn palace,” the home of BDSM company Kink.com. But next month,

Taking Sex and Love to the Next Level: Artificial Intelligence

What will the technological revolution bring to our relationships? Fake love, of course, and without the repercussions of getting hurt. By AnonWatcher From the earliest human tribes, reproduction was the natural and desired outcome of status and success. Put simply, if you were accepted in the tribe, stayed alive and were fertile,

7 Of The Most Harmful Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics

We would like to think of ourselves as people who can spot and avoid manipulators, but narcissistic manipulation is a special, sneaky kind of toxic. There are two types of narcissists. One revolves around the person who is self-absorbed, and obsessed with their attire, hairstyle, and everything involving their looks, or

Thought about Lila

Adrienne gulped down another glass of beer as he thought about Lila. She had taken over his head after his last visit to the fire club last week. He had gone to hang out with his friend Steve, who he'd opened up to about his recent interest to explore new

UNAPPROACHABLE GIRLS: insecure, weak, low self-esteem

It happens often when I hear from my students: “I couldn’t approach that girl because she looked unapproachable.” Well, it’s just an excuse because there is a big difference between TO LOOK UNAPPROACHABLE and TO REALLY BE UNAPPROACHABLE. The meaning you give to “unapproachable” – it’s in your head, it’s

A surprise Bridal Shower

A night with the bridesmaids and the bride. The bridesmaids and I plan a surprised bridal shower for the bride, so we started to make preparations for the event. We had many surprises for that special event for the bride, as the days drew closer, I and bridesmaids were getting